Threft and Fraud


Fraud  and theft the electricity sector is often invisible crime ccommited by people who illegaly hook into the power supply system, hook into the line that has been disconnected or tamper with a meter to avoid recording electricity usage and unpaid bill.

According to article 13 (1) of the service regulations government public electricity distribution to cameronn, any art commited with the intention to use electricity beyong the quality measured by the meter, falcifiying a metre reding or break wire or lead seal shall constitute fraud and shall be liable to any legal action necessary to obtain compensation.


  • Loss of life as you could die in the process;
  • Overloading of the power line, with causes low voltage and destruction of electrical appliances;
  • Imbalance in the cost of production and revenue, since more energy is requested, contrary to the price paid;
  • Regular clients suffer poor quality of service due to fraudulent actions .

Sanction for fraud and theft

  • Legal actions;
  • Suspension electricity supply
  • Billed for energy consumed;
  • Penalty amounting 20 of the payment for energy consumed.

How can you help?

  • Immediately motif your electric service provider once you know of and illegally connected consumed:
  • Do not tamper or cut the seal on your meter for any reason;
  • Apply for a legal connection if you do not have one:
  • Remain aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activities to your service provider;
  • Respect the electrical installation of your service provider ( pools, transforme, electrical lines; etc.)
  • Advise your neigbours on the risks and consequences of electricity fraud and theft;

Everyone is affected by electricity fraud theft. Detecting and reporting illegal activities xill help reduce the consequences and price paid