Investment opportunity

Investment opportunity

The Guide for the Promotion of Investments in Renewable Energies for Rural Electrification focuses on the procedures and best practices for the development of domestic and foreign private investment in the field of electricity generation from renewable energies, in view of distribution and sale in rural areas.

It addresses in particular the promoters of public or private projects, national or foreign, thus contributing to the reinforcement of their capacities in the field of the business environment in Cameroon and the promotion of renewable energies for rural electrification.

In the light of this Guide, it emerges that the project model whose technical, economic and financial viability is ensured will have to comply with the following guiding principles:

  • Technological neutrality: To seek the best techno-economic solution according to the local context;
  • Partially subsidized investments: Investment grant and / or discounts on bank loans;
  • Operator: take into account the local content (local / foreign company group) to guarantee the continuity and the quality of the exploitation (O & M) and the durability of the project;
  • Size of the OSER: “dealer” model, requires several thousand customers (scale effect), difficult to achieve given the specificity of the ENEO concession; surplus power sales model to the Distributor: ideal solution, requires regulation and effective, adapted and flexible standardization;
  • Institutional and regulatory framework: must be clear, with flexible regulation, simplified authorization / concession procedures, a feed-in tariff & contract models adapted to small production units;
  • Partnerships and synergies to be developed: Municipalities, FEICOM, donors, OSER, NGOs …).