Table: Actors of the electricity sector in Cameroon

Institutions Functions/Roles
MINEE (Ministry of Water Resources and Energy)
Design the implementation of Government policy in the fields of energy and water resources, apply this policy and monitor its implementation
ARSEL (Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency) Established in the 1998 law and included in the 2011 law governing the electricity sector in Cameroon,

it is created by the presidential decree N ° 99/125 of June 15, 1999. It ensures the regulation, the control and the follow-up of the activities of the operators of the electricity sector , and the protection of consumer interests

AER (Rural Electrification Agency)
Created by Decree No. 98/022 of 24 December 1998 and by Decree 99/193 of 08 September 1999, it becomes a Public Administrative Establishment with legal personality and financial autonomy. It promotes and develops rural electrification throughout the national territory
EDC (Electricity Development Corporation)
Created by the decree n ° 2006/406 of November 29, 2006. It ensures on behalf of the State,
the management of public heritage in the electricity sector; study, prepare or carry out any infrastructure project in the electricity sector entrusted to it by the State; participate in the promotion and development of public and private investments in the electricity sector
SONATREL (National Electricity Transport Company)
It is the concessionaire which, by decree n ° 2015/454 of October 08, 2015, is in charge of the management of the transport network and electricity flows
It is the dealer that replaces the former AES SONEL since June 2014 which operates in the segments of production and distribution of electrical energy






Independent Producers

KPDC (Kribi Power Developement Corporation)
It is an entity, a subsidiary of the ACTIS group and in which the State of Cameroon is a 44% shareholder.
It operates the Kribi gas-fired power plant with an installed capacity of 216 MW with a 330 MW expansion project is under way
DPDC (Dibamba Power Development Corporation)
It is a subsidiary entity of the ACTIS group, of which 44% of the shares are held by the Cameroonian State. It operates the Dibamba heavy-oil thermal power plant with an installed capacity of 88 MW
It is a corporation with public capital created by Decree No. 2010/328 of October 18, 2010 and having the Cameroonian State as a 100% shareholder.

It is the operator in charge of the project management and the future exploitation of the Mékin hydroelectric dam whose installed power will be of 15 MW

C’est l’organe en charge de la mise en place et de la gestion du projet hydroélectrique de MEMVE’ELE dont la puissance installée sera de 201 MW. Toutefois, l’entité institutionnelle n’a pas encore été définie
NHPC (Nachtigal Hydro Power Company)
It is the body in charge of setting up and managing the Nachtigal hydroelectric project with an installed capacity of 420 MW. However, the institutional entity has not yet been defined