Distribution and Marketing Segments

Distribution and Marketing Segments
Cameroon’s electricity distribution network is powered by the source stations installed in the SIN and the NIN. We also find decentralized distribution networks that are exclusively powered by small thermal power plants running on diesel.
The distribution network operates at medium voltage with voltages of 15 kV and 30 kV in urban and rural areas, respectively. In some cities, the voltage is 10 kV. The low voltage network operates with nominal voltages of 220 V (single voltage) and 380 V (compound voltage).

The characteristics of the distribution network of the perimeter of the ENEO in 2014 are presented in the table below.

Distribution Network Total
Public HTA / HTA station Number 45
Private HTA / HTA station Number 119
MV / LV substation Number 8 740

MV Lines (km)

Air 15 956
Underground 829
Total MV 16 785

LV Lines (km)

Air 17 420
Underground 153
Total LV 17 573

Data on the distribution network in the concession area of Eneo

The exploitation of the different activity reports of the concessionaire (AES SONEL then Eneo) over the period from 2004 to 2017 made it possible to note the evolution of the number of subscribers in Cameroon as indicated in the figure below. It went from 507,835 subscribers in 2004 to 1,184,372 subscribers in 2017.

Nombre d'abonnés sur la période 2004 à 2017
                          Number of subscribers over the period 2004 to 2017.