Power Transmission Segment

Cameroon currently has two major interconnected networks: the South Interconnected Network (SIN) and the North Interconnected Network (NIN). The SIN serves the southern part in electricity, i.e. six administrative regions, including the Center, Littoral, South, South-West, West and North-West. The NIN for its part serves the northern part, namely three administrative regions: Adamawa, North and the Far North.
The transmission of electricity is done according to three voltage levels:
• 225 kV only in the SIN;
• 110 kV in the NIN;
• 90 kV in the SIN and the NIN.
In 2013, line lengths according to the different voltage levels above were quantified as presented in Table 3 below:

Type of line Linear Estimated (Km)
225 KV Line 720,79
110 KV Line 356,67
90 KV Line 1 159,81

SIN and NIN configurations are shown in the figures below.

Configuration of the SIN

Configuration du RIS
Configuration of the NIN
Configuration du RIN
Configuration du RIN