The electricity sectors regulatory Agency (ARSEL) within the framework of its mission of protecting the interests of consumers and to ensure the safeguard of their right. Has developed a conciliatory platform for disputes between the operates within clients. For its effective function this platform operates within some well predefined steps. Form the application to the implementation of resolution taken. Here is a summary of the various steps.

  Steps 01 : Procedure for application

The supplicant constitutes and sends a file to the General Manager of ARSEL consisting of

. A precise and concise written application describing the sons warranting his application to ARSEL and specifying the full address of the applicant (name phone number mailbox email address and place of residence  …)

. Photocopies of supporting litigation (invoices disconnection notices process-verbal photos engagement form. Contract…

The complete file must be submitted against receipt at the mail services of ARSEL remember that this step suspends all repressive proceeding of the operator against the applicant except for fraud cases.

Step 02 : Preparing the conciliation

The competent services of ARSEL during the analysis and processing of the file. Shall determine its admissibility and the need to enlist it for conciliation or immediate treatment.

When the file is declared admissible for conciliation a copy is transmitted to the operators for information..Convocation is sent 14 days before the date of conciliation to stakeholder’s applicant operator assessors and MINEE

STEP 03 : Conduct of Conciliation

It takes place in the presence of all the above mentioned stakeholders with debates it is likely to lead to the following conclusion.

  • Conciliation with resolutions
  • File adjoined for additional information or visit to the contestation sites
  • Non-conciliation due to disagreement of the parties
  • Inadmissibility of file for lack of standing of the applicant it should be noted that the applicant must be known to the operator (subscription contract in his /her name.

Step 04 : Site   visit (field trip)

It is carried out in the presence of the applicant ARSEL and the operator. It aims at a contradictory inspection of faculties that are at the origin of the dispute. In the teams of   ARSEL which ensure the role of the referee feature one or more qualified technicians.

Step 05 : Conciliation process-verbal

In a case of conciliation of the parties .ARSEL establish a process-verbal of conciliation .Copies are delivered to the operator or for implementation and monitoring of the resolutions taken during the conciliatory session