At ARSEL, we have six values to guide our behavior towards each other and the public, which are:

  • Dynamism: our energy is built t on ensuring a balanced functioning of the electricity sector and to impact the future with our regulatory activities. We rely on our strength to push our limits, so as to fulfill our mission of monitoring. Controlling and regulating the electricity sector in Cameroon. Our enthusiasm and our optimism our communicative.
  • Transparency: we have to be open and cautious in our choices and decisions, we should be committed at saying what we do and doing what we say.
  • Respect: Mutual respect is the watch word as we carry on our activities no actions of discrimination (be it as a result of sex, religion, age, etc) shall be accepted within the Agency.
  • Simplicity: We are to be direct and frank in our words and actions. We have to simplify what is complex and use a language understood by all the stakeholders in the sector.
  • Proximity: we are to give attention to each other’s views and keep an open mind to new ideas. Our responses should be tailored to individual needs as well as that of the electricity sector in general.
  • Anticipation: we have to be able to forecast events and send warning signals so as to avoid or prevent disappointments and disasters. We are expected to be more proactive than being reactive

We are also concerned with reflecting a personality towards third parties built upon:

  • Availability: we are expected to create sustainable relationships, reason why our words and actions have to be coherent. We have to be ready to act any moment when there is a need
  • Innovations: Initiative and creativity are aspects we have to encourage and promote amongst us. We have to be focused at making ARSEL one of the best regulatory agency in Africa and ensure its continuity and sustainability.
  • Responsibility: We should respect our values and assume responsibility for our actions towards each other, and towards stakeholders in the sector. We should be actors to the sustainable development of electricity sector.