The Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL) was created by Law N” 98/022 of 24th December, 1998 substituted by Law N°2011/022 of i4th December, 2011, to regulate the electricity sector In Cameroon. It has the status of a Public Administrative Institution Within the framework of Law N° 99/016 of 22nd December. 1999, on the general statute of public enterprises and enterprises of the public and para-public sectors.

ARSEL ensures the regulation, control and monitoring of the activities of operators in the electricity sector, within the framework of policies defined by the government of Cameroon. The missions assigned to ARSEL includes amongst others to:

– Ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the electricity sector, as well as the concession, License, authorization and any other form of contract adopted within this framework;

– ensure that network access is done in an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory manner;

– protect the interests of consumers and ensure the protection of their rights in relation to the price, supply and quality of electricity;

– ensure fair competition in the electricity sector;

– implement, monitor and control the tariff System established in conformity with the methods and procedures fixed by the administration in charge of electricity;

– grant authorizations;

– consider applications for licenses and concessions;

– Settle disputes between operators in the sector of electricity referred to by either party;

– contribute to the exercise of any public duties as assigned by the government on behalf of the State in the electricity sector