Within the ambit of its mission of regulating, controlling and monitoring of the electricity sector in Cameroon, the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (ARSEL) has engaged into some activities to ensure the successful realization of this mission. These include amongst others:

Granting of Régimes:

For all investments in the electricity sector in Cameroon. ARSEL has a major role lo place. ARSEL receives and examines the files of applicants for concession or license and submits them to the Minister in charge of electricity. With its opinion for signature. With regards to the regime of authorization. Declaration and liberty, ARSEL receives, examines and awards the side regime to enable such an investor exercise his activities in the electricity sector I he list of documents to be presented for each application for a regime is fixed within a regulatory framework and the appropriate forms can be retrieved at ARSEL when building up the application file for the solicited régime. The documents presented to ARSEL by potential operators for the award of a régime must include specified elements on the tariffs for sale to

the final user of the energy they intend to produce

The control of the quality of service:

To ensure that consumers are served with requested quality and quantity of electricity, the Agency carries out surveys and most especially control on the quality of service rendered to consumers. This enables them to better appreciate the quality of services consumers received by the latter from electricity service providers Added to this, the Agency is encouraging the

Use of smart meter in Cameroon. To enable consumers to better monitor and manage their consumption rate.

Tariff Control:

The control of the tariffs applied to consumers by operators in the electricity sector stands as a major activity of the regulator of the sector. Tariffs applied have to take into consideration the economies environment of the country, the quality of service provided, as well as the purchasing power of consumers. Such tariffs also have to permit the operator to comply to his contractual engagements, with a reasonable level of interest In effect, tariffs are calculated

On the basis of the cost of service.

Protection of the rights of consumers:

ARSEL also has as mission the protection of the interests of consumers as concerns the price. Supply and quality of electricity served. For this reason, ARSEL has put in place some tools to enable it better ensure such protection.

Regulatory activities of ARSEL

These include

  • The ARSEL Call Center:

This Call Center daily receives calls (24/24) from consumers having problems in the electricity sector. With the help of well trained tele-operators. Most consumers are provided with instant solutions to their problems. For complicated issues, the attention of the concerned service provider is immediately called, or the problem is transmitted to the conciliatory platform.


  • The ARSEL Conciliatory Platform:

This is a platform put in place by ARSEL, to amicably settle problems in the electricity sector between the service provider and consumers. The ARSEL Conciliatory platform which for the moment regularly holds sessions in Yaounde and Douala shall be extended to the other regions on the country for a better coverage of consumer’s complaints.

Added to the above mentioned tools are some other activities carried out pertnanently by ARSEL, such as:


– The vulgarization of base texts governing the elect city sector;

– Tailored made TV and radio programs. Sensitization campaigns;

– Technical and cost audits;

– Control, analyze and approve business plans and investment programs,

– Arbitration between operators

– Participation at major crowd pulling events.


  • Promote investment in the sector:

Since Cameroon is blessed with a huge potential in electricity production and mindful or the huge internal and external demand for electricity. The regulator has engaged in actions to promote the sector through events such.

  • FINELEC (International Electricity Forum): which aims at creating a plat-form where problems hampering the development of the electricity sector in Cameroon and the Central African sub region are discussed. For the moment, the forum holds in Cameroon after every two years. With the intention of rotating within the other countries of the sub region, as they may so desire.
  • The lnvest’€lec Salon; This is a forum instituted with the financial assistance of the European Union, to serve as a meeting ground for experts in the promotion of rural electrification. Through the use of renewable energies.
  • Search for excellence:

ARSEL  is in the constant quest for excellence in the regulation of the electricity sector It is for this reason that the Agency is a member of major public utility regulatory organizations like the African forum for utility regulators (AFUR). Energy regulators Regional Association (ERRA). Rural Electrification Club (Club ER). The International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users (FISUEL! Etc Added to this is a project for the creation of an African Center of Excellence in infrastructure Regulation for capacity building of regulatory Experts in Africa.